IPL Hair Removal vs Waxing: Which method is the best for you?

IPL Hair Removal vs Waxing: Which is the best method?

Wondering about the best way to remove hair? IPL and waxing are two of the most popular methods and each has distinct strengths and weaknesses to weigh up. Both of these hair removal options can be done at home or in a salon but an IPL device is more suited for hair removal in the comfort of your living space.

Our guide will take you through the best bits about each as they’ve got some unique benefits compared to traditional shaving. If you’ve been unsure about which hair removal method is best for you, this comparison will get your skin looking super smooth in no time.

What is IPL?

As it is a relatively new beauty innovation, one might not know how IPL hair removal works. Just like laser treatments, this device uses light energy for hair reduction but it also has a few key differences that set it apart.

IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light and is a treatment that reduces the visible hair on your skin’s surface by targeting your desired area and stopping regrowth before it starts.

Learning how to IPL at home is easy with the Braun Silk-expert Pro as it constantly scans your skin to adapt the beam’s intensity to the different skin tones across your body for the most effective and gentle hair removal.

This way of removing hair is ideal if you would like the hair growth to become fainter and finer over time. Each session becomes quicker thanks to this and hair regrowth is gradually reduced in the long term.

What is Waxing? 

Waxing is a manual hair removal method that pulls out hair at the root and can last for up to three weeks. After applying hot wax to the skin’s surface you peel a strip of hair from your desired area for treatment. 

One key difference between waxing and other methods like IPL or epilation is that you need to wait for the hair to re-grow fully before your next appointment. 

Which method of hair removal is suitable for you?

Choosing the right hair removal device for you is all down to personal preference and finding the benefits that you would like to see.

IPL can be a convenient solution but is not suitable for everyone so we will take you through what you need to know about each method of removing hair before you decide what is best for your beauty routine.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal 

IPL is one of the hair removal technologies out there and has a whole host of innovative benefits that you may want to try out.

The first difference you’ll notice from methods like waxing or epilation is that Braun IPL treatments are gentle on the skin. With Braun Skin pro-technology you can enjoy a comfortable and virtually painless IPL session at home and avoid the sensation of pulling hair out of the skin. The IPL method simply trains a pulse of light on your skin.

Along with the freedom to use your IPL device in the comfort of your own home, you can also adjust the Silk-expert Pro 5’s strength level to match your personal preferences. 

IPL hair removal at home is also suitable for sensitive skin and its SensoAdapt™ technology continually reads your skin tone throughout your treatment. 

Alternatively, if you prefer waiting for hair to grow back fully before removing it, epilation is a useful alternative to waxing that removes hair in the same way. Devices such as the Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex can be used in the shower that has an in-built exfoliation brush to prep your skin for effortless hair removal. Exfoliating with this attachment is a great step to avoid ingrown hair



It is an instant hair removal method that delivers immediate results lasting for a few weeks.

While the convenience of a quick treatment can be appealing, it’s worth remembering that if you are booking regular treatments this can take time out of your busy schedule. This is the reason that more and more people are enjoying the luxury of salon treatments at home. 

Whether you’re waxing at home or at a salon, it’s also important to know that this hair removal method can come with increased chances of ingrown hairs. You may also find that pulling on your skin’s surface with the force of waxing is more likely to irritate the skin. Some areas like the underside of your legs are difficult to reach if you opt for doing this treatment at home.

If you have lighter hair pigmentation, then waxing could be a more suitable method than IPL as its pulses of light are not suitable for blonde, red, or white shades of hair. To find out more, check out our guide to choosing the right hair removal device for your skin tone. 

Another advantage of waxing and other root hair removal methods such as epilation is that there are fewer chances of getting cuts, burns, or rashes – these are usually a common sight after shaving.

Choosing between waxing and IPL

Now you know the pros and cons of each of these options, finding your perfect hair removal method is all down to you. 

While monthly waxing can be less painful with each treatment but pulling out hair from its root takes a lot more force as compared to any other method of hair removal. The time and cost involved in regular treatments are also a drawback to salon options. 

Claims suggest that regular waxing may make the hair appear lighter and finer. If this gradual lightening suits your longterm beauty regimen then waxing is a great option. But if you want a hair removal method that will completely remove hair at the follicle then, IPL may be better suited.

A final advantage of using an IPL hair removal device like the Braun Silk Expert Pro is that it allows you to target areas like your face, bikini line or underarms within a single quick session. 

Doing IPL hair removal safely

While light treatments can now be done in the comfort of your own home, one must know about removing hair safely by using an IPL device.

It is important to treat sensitive and intimate areas with care when using IPL. Devices such as the Silk-expert Pro include a sensitivity setting that can be used around areas prone to irritation or redness.

Before using this hair removal treatment, you also need to check whether it is suitable for your skin tone and body hair shade. With these essential safety tips, you’re ready to try out the luxurious experience of IPL hair removal at home and see the benefits for yourself. 

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