New edition: Beauty Set 9
Flawlessly smooth skin from head to toe.

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Beauty Set 9

Exfoliates, shaves, trims, epilates, massages, cleanses.
Silk-épil 9 + FaceSpa

Beauty Set 5

Shaves, trims, epilates, cleanses.

Silk-épil 5 + FaceSpa

Head to toe beauty from our all-in-one Beauty Set 9.

Step by step guide to enjoy long-lasting smooth skin for up to 4-weeks.

Exfoliation that’s 4x more effective than manual scrubbing.

Buff away dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair with a specially designed body brush.

Shave & trim your sensitive areas.

Use the shaver attachment to trim your most delicate areas.

The world’s 1st smart epilator.

SensoSmart technology guides your hair removal, ensuring the right amount of pressure is applied for a more efficient epilation.

Remove 3x shorter hair than wax.

MicroGrip Tweezer Technology with 40 tweezers, removes even the shortest hair that wax cannot catch. So, you don’t have to wait for your body hair to grow long enough for waxing.

Use regularly under warm water for a virtually painless experience.

100% waterproof, you can epilate in the bath or shower. When used regularly, epilation is virtually painless.

Massage to finish with a flourish.

The Deep Massage pad helps to improve blood circulation and when used with massage oils or creams, helps to visibly improve your skin’s appearance.

A cleanse that complements your beauty routine.

6x better than manual cleansing, the sensitive facial brush removes make-up and impurities pore-deep.

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