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    Series 3 (S3) wet&dry

    Series 3 (S3) wet&dry
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    380s-4, 345s-4, 340s-4, 340r-4, Series 3DE,EN,FR,ES,PT,IT,NL,DK,NO,SE,FI,TR,GR
    3080, 3045, 3040, 3010EN,FR,ES (USA,CDN,MEX)
    3080s, 3045s, 3040s, 3025s, 3010s, 3010BTCHIN,한국어,EN
    BT 32, Beard Trimmer Head + 5 combs, Series 3DE,EN,FR,ES,PT,IT,NL,DK,NO,SE,FI,PL,CZ,SK,HU,HR,SI,TR,RO,GR,BG,RU,UA,ARAB
    380s-4, 340s-4, Series 3EN,FR,PL,CZ,SK,HU,HR,SI,TR,RO,RU,UA,ARAB
    380s-4, 340s-4, Series 3CHIN,한국어,EN
    380s-4, 340s-4, Series 3EN,FR,ES (USA,CDN,MEX)
    380s-4, 340s-4, Series 3EN,LT,LV,EE
    3080, 3045, 3040, 3010, wet & dry, Series 3DE,EN,FR,ES,PT,IT,NL,DK,NO,SE,FI,PL,CZ,SK,HU,HR,SI,TR,RO,GR,BG,RU,UA,ARAB
    3080s, 3045s, 3040s, 3025s, 3010s, 3010 BT, Series 3日本語,EN