Slim epilator head for ultimate precision

The sleek and compact design of the Braun Face lets you handle it like a mascara for absolute control and precision. It removes hairs from the root for up to 4 weeks of hairfree skin.

10 micro-openings capture finest hairs (0,02mm)

So gentle, you’re done before you know it. The extra slim head has 10 micro-openings that gently capture even finest hairs down to 0,02 mm.

Faster than ordinary methods (e.g. manual tweezer)

The Braun Face removes hairs from the root for up to 4 weeks of hairfree skin. And with 200 plucking motions per second it is much more thorough and considerably faster than a manual tweezer.

For chin, upper lip, forehead, and to maintain eyebrows

Sonic facial brush

Cleanse your skin pore deep with the facial brush. Gently restore amazing purity and glow of your facial skin by removing make-up and impurities, 6x better than by hand. Braun Face not only refreshes the glow and radiance of your facial skin. It also helps your creams and moisturizers to work better

Refines and exfoliates with hundreds of micro-oscillations

With hundreds of micro-oscillations, the Braun Face cleansing brush works 6x better than manual cleansing, and gently exfoliates and refines your skin.


Wet & dry. Make pore deep cleansing part of your shower routine

Because the Braun Face brush is 100% waterproof, you can make gentle and thorough cleansing a natural part of your shower routine. It has been tested with dermatologists and is suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin.

Protective cap


Replaceable battery

Replaceable battery


Replace your brush every 3 months for skin like new

Your most precious skin deserves the best possible treatment. So every 3 months you will want to replace the brush with a new one to restore performance back to new.

Find the right brush

What's in the box

  • Braun Face 810 facial epilator

    Braun Face 810 facial epilator

  • Facial cleansing brush head

    Facial cleansing brush head

  • Protective cap silver

    Protective cap silver

  • Cleaning brush for Braun Face 810 facial epilator

    Cleaning brush

  • Battery for Braun Face 810 facial epilator


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Warwickshire, UK
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17 July, 2015

A Cleansing Revolution!

I have received this product to test out via SuperSavvyMe and Braun to give my honest opinion.Overall, this is a great, compact piece of 'kit', with epilator and cleansing in the one product. The two heads are very quick and easy to switch, and very simple to operate (on or off). The instructions on use are clear and it was very simple and straightforward to start using this product.I have had face epilation carried out at a salon and I think this is better - the fine head on the epilator is quick and efficient, much better than a single hair being done at a time. The process is a little painful (but no more than plucking) and is over in a lot quicker time due to the way it works.The cleansing brush too performs well, being extremely gentle but thorough, and gives you a fresh feeling glow that my facial wash and scrub doesn't. Use it with or without product, both results are good. This has definitely formed part of my cleansing routine.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Romford, Greater London, UK
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04 August, 2015

Time saver

Brilliant product.Saved me lots of time wasted with tweezers and hair removing creams.

Yes, I recommend this product !

Your Location:
London, UK
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02 September, 2015



Yes, I recommend this product !

Your Location:
Northumberland, UK
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06 August, 2015

ideal for travel

It's a good idea but the battery life isn't .i need to change the battery every time I use it

No, I do not recommend this product.

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