Men's Leg Shaving - How to Shave Without Irritation

Men's Leg Shaving Tips: Get Smooth and Irritation-free Skin

Modern men are increasingly turning to electric grooming devices to help them achieve their desired body grooming. In this article we’ll explore the best tools and techniques to get a closer shave that leaves men’s legs expertly smooth, moisturised, and irritation-free.

Prepping to shave your legs

Before you shave, you'll need to prepare three things: your skin, your razor, and the hair to be shaved.

Prepping to shave your legs
  1. First, exfoliate your skin by using a loofah in circular motions, followed by a brief shower to remove excess dirt or dead skin cells blocking you from a closer hair shave.

  2. Secondly, comb the hair on your legs down to make it less unruly for the electric shaver. If too long, trim it with scissors.

  3. Finally, pick your Braun Body Groomer or electric razor and choose the correct guard size for the desired cut.

Using electric grooming devices

Using electric devices to shave your legs is an easy, efficient way to define legs muscles, keep cool during hotter months and improve your PB as a swimmer or cyclist. Follow these steps after your leg shaving prep for a supreme shave every time:

1. Choose the right tool

Our male grooming category offers some of the best ways to shave legs for guys. Why? We've considered how, where and why you use shaving tools to create manscaping products which are comfortable to hold, contour flexibly against different parts of your leg and that are suitable for using in or out of the shower.

All-in-one trimmer

The different types of electric grooming devices available for men's leg hair removal from Braun include: our body groomer for trimming, Series X electric razors for a full a shave and all-in-one waterproof trimmers, to keep your shave in check. Each has been carefully developed to ensure easy men's leg shaving that swiftly removes hair without cutting or nicking skin in the process. So, any time you use our products for hair removal, you can avoid razor burn and shave with confidence.

Body groomers are great for long leg hair that needs a quick trim and tidy, thanks to their gentle-on-skin design. The groomers protect you from skin irritation thanks to their SkinShield technology and come with four combs of differing lengths to help your treat leg hairs of all lengths. Simply hold at a comfortable angle in your palm, adjust the comb head depending on your grooming needs and glide across the surface of your skin to see results.

Series X

Alternatively, opt for an electric shaver if you're after full on leg hair removal for sleekness. Our Series X electric razor with 4-D stainless steel blades, creating 450 movements a second, is the right tool for you if you're after the classic men's smooth leg look. The shaver has a rubberized handle for grip and a flexible two-way comb to help you out around those tricky knee bends too. And to keep you from nicks during the shaving process, the electric razor has a caged blade design. Make sure you're using the body combs provided, not a face comb, to make shaving easier.

For precision leg hair removal, pick an all-in-one body trimmer to help you remove hair from thigh to toe.

Recommended products for this job

8-in-1 Style Kit 3 MGK3440 beard, hair. With 80min runtime, pouch, grey
17-in-1 Style Kit 7 MGK7490 beard, body, hair. With ProBlade, 100min runtime, organizer, black

2. Get comfortable

Whether you're just trimming or hunkering down for a full shave, pick a spot where you'll be comfortable, have privacy and which will be easy to clean up the hairs from afterwards. Either sitting in the bathtub or standing under a shower in your bathroom is most ideal.

3. Apply your shaving gel

Next, lather up and apply your shaving gel to help the razor glide across the surface of your skin.

4. Start low and work your way up

As you shave, you'll notice that you cover areas with shorter hairs quicker than those with longer hairs. So, when you first turn your shaver on, start with areas that have shorter patches of hair, like your toes and ankles, and use short strokes that shave against the grain of your hair. Don't forget to rinse out your razor between areas and unclog the blades.

Then, as you make your way up to your calves and shins start to use longer strokes. Once you graduate to your knee area, it's best to stand up for comfort and to make sure that you don't miss any hairs with a bent leg. You're also less likely to cut yourself while shaving with straightened legs. The skin above your knees is likely less often exposed, so be sure to shave a little slower and more carefully around your thighs.

5. Aftercare

Much like grooming any part of your body, male shaved legs require aftercare to keep skin happy. Start your aftercare by rinsing off any excess shaving gel and stray cut hairs, then pat your skin dry with a towel. While your skin is still damp, apply some aftershave and follow with a generous amount of body moisturiser to hydrate your legs.

Between shaves, keep an eye on the sharpness of your razor head to ensure you're not using a dull blade that drags against your skin and leaves it feeling rough. This should also help prevent any pesky ingrown hairs from forming under the skin!


Trimming leg hair as a man is a smooth journey, quite literally, when you have the right tools and tips to help you. Remember:

  • Put in the prep before you shave

  • Use a skin friendly shaving gel

  • Choose the correct shaving guards for legs, not face

  • Straighten each leg while you shave

  • Start with the shorter hairs and shorter shaving strokes

  • Rinse off and clean your electric grooming device after use

  • Apply aftershave and moisturiser to damp skin

  • Enjoy your male shaved leg look!

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