Manscaping: Simple Body Grooming Tips to Manscape like a Pro

Manscaping: Simple Body Grooming Tips to Manscape like a Pro

Whether you call it body grooming or manscaping, here at Braun we’re experts in helping you to shave your desired body part with comfort, efficacy, and style. So if you want to manscape like a pro, check out our tips to get the job done with ease.

Who said styling was just for your scalp hair or beards? Keeping your chest, back or pubic hairs at bay can be just as important to help us feel confident and comfortable in our skin. But first things first, body grooming varies all around the world and doesn’t necessarily mean shaving off all body hair. It’s all about keeping loose hairs under control and sprucing up your look.

Ready to trim, shave, and style? Here are our top tips to manscape like a pro:

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is the act of grooming one’s body to remove unwanted or superfluous hairs using a variety of different tools like razors, trimmers, and aftershave products.

Whilst the term ‘manscaping’ might sound very modern, male body grooming can be traced back to men shaving their hair using sharpened rocks during the Stone Age or the Ancient Egyptians who used ground pumice stones to remove hair.

Fast forward to the present day and most men are comfortable with shaving and trimming lots of body parts with ease thanks to the range of modern grooming tools available.


Importance of Body Grooming at Home

Whether you’re shaving your body to feel more confident, to look and feel better, or for hygiene reasons – there’s no right or wrong answer. Manscaping is all about what feels right to you. Here are a couple of reasons why men might want to shave or trim:

  1. Hygiene – Trimming and shaving the hair on your body can help you maintain good hygiene. That’s because hairs can trap bacteria that can lead to body odor. Contrary to popular myth, shaving or trimming doesn’t stop you from sweating, rather, it helps reduce body odor by making your antiperspirant or deodorant work more effectively.

    Another reason why trimming or shaving body parts can help reduce body odor, is because long tufts of hair hold moisture more than your skin. The sweat stuck on your hair can then create unsightly stains on your clothes that contribute to making you feel sweaty and unhygienic.

  2. Confidence Boost – With good hygiene comes confidence in yourself and your grooming habits. Manscaping isn’t just about aesthetics or hygiene, it’s about stepping out feeling and looking good.

    Looking after your body by exercising, eating healthy, and having great hygiene helps your mental wellbeing and makes you feel good.

  3. Better Looks – If you feel good in your own skin, chances are you will look good too. But body grooming trends come and go. One year, you might want to follow the no-hair trend, the next, having a healthy dose of body hair might be fashionable once more! Luckily, hair always grows back, so you can experiment with different styles.

    The important aspect is that no matter the fashion, your manscaping should reflect your image. Trends will come and go - but feeling self-assured is always in fashion.

How Different is Body Grooming to Face Grooming?

Many of us will be familiar with shaving our beards. But not all body parts are created equal – the technique you use to shave your face is different from shaving your groin or back. Plus, shaving or trimming body parts requires different sets of tools.

So, what are the main differences between body and face grooming?

  1. Shaving Tools – with so many shaving or trimming products on the market, choosing the right one for the task can be tricky. But if you’re manscaping, you want to be sure you’re using the best tool for the job as some areas like your back or groin might be hard to reach and take longer to prep and shave.

    For example, shaving your groin with the same razor you use for your beard might not yield great results. Firstly, for hygiene reasons, you’d have to deep clean your shaving tool carefully each time. Secondly, your beard shaving tool, which is designed for your face, might not be as effective for intimate shaving. This can lead to an uneven shave or even cuts or irritation if you’re not careful.

  2. Trimmers – when it comes to trimmers, body groomers are usually larger and come with more attachments to suit different body parts you want to trim. Because men’s body groomers are designed to be used on tricky areas to reach, they are fitted with attachments that protect your skin.

    Face trimmers are smaller in size and usually lighter, making it easier to shave your face comfortably. Face trimmers are ideal for those looking to trim their beard or moustache or shape it in different styles. Our Braun Beard Trimmer has 39 precision settings to suit any kind of beard at any length and let you experiment with new facial hairstyles.

  3. All-in-One Devices – if you know you’ll be grooming your face and body, then why not arm yourself with a 360-degree tool that does it all? All-in-one trimming devices are ideal for those looking for a head-to-toe finish.

    The Braun All-In-One Trimmer lets you style your beard, clip your hair, trim your ear and nose hair and groom your whole body effortlessly. With its advanced combs, Autosense technology, extra sharp blades, and easy-to-wash components, this all-in-one tool certainly elevates body grooming to the next level.


Essential Body Parts Involved in Body Grooming

Now that you know the ins and outs of men’s body hair grooming, it’s time to get to the act itself. Whether you’re a first-time body groomer or a returning aficionado, here’s a couple of top tips on how to shave or trim different body parts and get the best result:

  1. Chest Hair Chest hair grooming is all about choosing the right tool. Body trimmers or an all-in-one trimmer will do the job neatly. Our Braun Body Groomer is fitted with long-lasting blades that cut through your chest hair without pulling or tugging, so you can avoid friction with your skin.

    Trimming, rather than shaving your chest hairs ensures your hair doesn’t grow back feeling like sandpaper, something any partner will appreciate.

  2. Arm & Leg Hair – The skin on your arms and legs is usually less irritable, so you can choose between shaving or trimming depending on the desired smoothness. If you’re opting for a gentle shave, we recommend you use a Braun Electric shaver for a smooth and easy shave.

    If you just want a little trim, then stick to body groomers where you can trim down the exact amount of hair with ease and comfort.

  3. Back Hair – Back hair can be notoriously tricky to tackle. Unless you’re very flexible, reaching those pesky hairs can be an arduous task. Want to tackle them on your own? The Braun Body Groomer is fitted with SkinShield technology which ensures you can body groom your back easily, gently, and hygienically.

    So, when trimming your back, body groomers are your best option as they efficiently and effectively trim down your hair whilst leaving your skin soft and irritation-free.

  4. Armpit Hair – Luckily, a few body parts like armpits are easier than others to shave or trim. If you’re opting for a small trim, use body groomers to trim long tufts or get your armpit hairs down by trimming them as short as you want. Plus, our Braun All-In-One Trimmer is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower and clean it quickly and effectively under running water.

  5. Pubic Hair – when it comes to pubic hair grooming, body trimmers or all-in-one grooming devices do the trick, allowing you to trim as much or little off as desired. As you reach the groin area, use your body groomer’s precision attachment and take particular care in trimming sensitive areas.

    Our Braun Body Groomer is gentle even on sensitive areas like the crotch allowing you to trim and style with precision and safety. The body groomer combined with the SkinShield technology and an attachable sensitive comb provides a smooth and accurate trim that prevents the skin from coming into contact with the blade and provides protection against pulls and tugs.

Now that you’re a manscaping pro, why not give it a go with a Braun precision grooming device?

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