How to Get an Undercut Hairstyle Using Hair Clippers?

How to Get an Undercut Hairstyle Using Hair Clippers?

Want to learn how to get an undercut hairstyle? The undercut haircut has been popular both with alternative and mainstream scenes for decades, partly because it’s an attractive style that’s easy to get right from your own bedroom – or even a military barber’s tent.

Barbers during the First World War era were keen on this trim because it was simple to replicate and quick to do. It had enough ‘wow factor’ to boost confidence at military parades, helping soldiers to look clean and well-groomed in front of crowds, but also emphasizing masculine features like the jawline.

The striking appeal of an undercut is just one of the reasons it’s still popular with males and females nowadays. If you’re learning how to cut hair with clippers, the undercut is a great option as there is no complex fading involved. Likewise, if you’re searching for a shorter style that allows you to keep some hair on top, this hair cut is adaptable & can look great for a range of face shapes.

Keep reading to learn how to get an undercut haircut using hair clippers or a trimmer.

How to Get an Undercut - Step-by-Step

How to Get an Undercut - Step-by-Step

First off, grab everything you’ll need to cut and style your undercut:

  • A spray bottle filled with water.

  • Hair clippers or a trimmer

  • Some hair grips

  • A comb

  • Wax, pomade, or gel (to style)

Cut your hair in the brightest room in the house with a mirror. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you could just cut your hair directly after shampooing and conditioning. This can also help towards a smoother undercut – but washing/conditioning isn’t essential to achieving this hairstyle, so don’t worry if you don’t have time. Getting the hair wet with your spray bottle is useful though, as it’s a lot easier to manage and trim accurately than dry hair.

Another point to consider is whether you want a connected or disconnected undercut hairstyle.

You’ll often see connected undercuts – with a crown-to-sides fade, this classic look can make your face shape appear wider and squarer. A disconnected undercut draws the eye to the parting, which is shaved in a line, tracing an even or faded trim across the sides. This creates a more noticeable and striking effect, so disconnected undercuts are great if you want to appear bold and make a statement.

Step 1

When your hair is damp, comb the top-section of your head into a horse-shoe shape. So, you’re working with everything in between your side partings. Use a hair clip or two to hold it together, if needed.

Step 2

Use a comb and hair clipper to trim the back of the neck and the under the rim of the head.

Go for #1 (3mm) or #2 (6mm) size of hair clipper depending on how short you want it. Be sure not to trim any of the hair on your top section or parting.

  • If you’re doing a connected undercut, you’ll want to switch to a clipper that’s two sizes longer. Blend around the surface of the head.

  • If you’re going for a disconnected undercut, you can stay steady with the #1 or #2 you were using originally and trim the hair on the back and sides.

Step 3

Once you’ve achieved either an even or faded look, you can take out the hair clips in your top section and run your comb through it. Ask yourself a question: will you be parting your hair to the side, or slicking back?

If you’re wearing your hair to the side, trim this section longer. Otherwise, use a hair clipper length of your choice or scissors to trim an even length.

Step 4

If you’re wearing your hair to the side, trim this section longer. Otherwise, use a hair clipper length of your choice or scissors to trim an even length.

This is the part where you’ll really benefit from having a good quality men’s hair trimmer – the sideburns. Clean, distinct sideburns can make or break an undercut hairstyle. It also creates the appearance of a squarer jawline, which happens to be an undercut’s best mate.

If you’ve got a device like the Braun All in One Trimmer, you’ll be able to easily switch from your hair comb length to a razor. Use this razor length to cut sideburns evenly.

Step 5

Using your trimmer, lightly go over the back of neck, ears, under the jaw etc to tidy up the whole look.

You can finish up by styling with your favorite product. We think wax or pomade works best for thicker or curly hair, while long/thin hair looks great when slicked back or tidied up with gel.

Enjoy showing off your undercut hairstyle, accompanied by a bad-ass walk and a confidence that can’t be shaken. And check out Braun hair grooming devices for more help on finding the best shaver, styler, or trimmer for you.

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