A flawless shave with Responsive Technology.

The Series 9.

Discover the Series 9 range.

Series 9 chrome

Series 9 Chrome.

With With Clean & Charge station and travel case.

Series 9 chrome

Series 9 Silver.

With Clean & Charge station and travel case.

Series 9 chrome

Series 9 Black.

With travel case.

World’s most efficient shave¹. Exceptionally gentle.

The Series 9 shaves more hair in one stroke than any other premium shaver. Ensuring you shave with less strokes and more skin comfort.

Our most advanced shaver, powered by our most advanced technology..

5 synchronized shaving elements

  • Two specialized middle trimmer.
  • Two ultra-thin OptiFoils.
  • One dedicated skin guard.
  • To shave even the trickiest of hair smoothly.

Sonic Technology.

Built into the Series 9 is our innovative Sonic Technology. 10,000 vibrations create a cushion for the shaver to glide across your skin.

Following contours. Leading thoroughness.

Independent flexible cutting elements mounted on a 10-D pivoting head gives you more skin contact for a more thorough shave.

Perfect ergonomics for your hand.

The premium ergonomic handle was designed to naturally fit your hand. The curved shape and positioning of the interface allow best handling in every situation.

Perfect ergonomics for your hand

Trim to the perfect shape.

For total control and finishing touches, a built-in precision trimmer slides out the back of the shaver for easier and more accurate sideburn shaping.

Trim to the perfect shape

LED display.

When you’re finished, its intuitive LED interface will inform you on the battery status, check your shaver heads performance and remind you to clean your shaver with the Clean & Charge station.

The Series 9² can be used dry, or with water, foam or gel for a comfortable and refreshing shave without compromise.


The easily accessible MultiHeadLock locks the fully flexible shaver head in five positions to achieve a more precise shave. This is especially helpful when shaving hard to reach areas, like under the jawline and under the nose.



State of the art Li-Ion battery delivers power reliably. Quick-charge for one shave in only 5 minutes.



100% waterproof.

All Braun shavers² are waterproof up to 5 metres, so you can shave under the shower and rinse them under running water.

100% waterproof

Like new every morning.

The world's only 5-action Clean & Charge station hygienically cleans, lubricates and dries your shaver at the touch of a button. It will even remind you when to use it. It charges the shaver in 1 hour to give you 50 minutes of shaving time.

What's in the box

What’s in the box

Built to last.
Every day,
for up to 7 years.

Made in Germany.

braun series-9 icon made-in-germany

Fascinating design.
Functional in every detail.

Discover the premium range.

Discover the premium range.

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Voted “Best in Electric”

in GQ’s 50 Best Grooming Products.

Series 9

World’s most efficient shaver¹. Exceptionally gentle.

Series 7

The smart shaver. Reads and adapts to your beard.

Series 5

Maximum performance & excellent skin comfort.

Series 5

Series 9.

World’s most efficient shaver1. Exceptionally gentle.

Series 7

Series 7.

The smart shaver. Reads and adapts to your beard.