You Know he will love it

You Know he will love it

World’s most efficient shaver*. Exceptionally gentle.
Your perfect shave. Our most innovative sonic technology.
Maximum performance. Excellent skin comfort
Close shave, perfect skin comfort. Faster than ever before.
World‘s first shaver with active cooling technology.
Works with foam. For an unbeatably close, smooth feeling.
Ultimate precision,
lifelong sharp blades.

What men want

They want to look and feel great, no matter what age. Be at their very best, no matter if at home, work, university or school. That‘s why electric shavers make it every year on the wishlist of millions of men worldwide. You give a shaver to someone close to you, like your husband or son. Someone you know he will love it and enjoy every morning for several years.

What seperates Braun
shavers from others?

One Stroke efficiency.

Let‘s start with the shaving movement. Braun shavers go in long straight lines, not in circles. We consider this movement more intutitive and men don‘t need to go over the same spot twice, significantly reducing the risk of skin irritation.

Cutting-edge shaving technology

With every Braun shaver, you are choosing cutting- edge shaving technology. First and foremost Series 9, the world’s most efficient and comfortable shaver as proven by an independent test institute.*

Premium Technology designed, engineered and made in Germany.

And finally, Braun is very proud to design and manifacture „Made in Germany“ with ultimate attention to detail. Braun premium shavers are built to last minimum 7 years, so count on him enjoying your gift for thousands of shaves.

*Braun Series 9 vs. leading premium tier products. Tested on 3-day beards / Details: