2 Click&Lock trimming combs

2 Click&Lock trimming combs make precise grooming and trimming easy.

Two easy to adjust Click&Lock trimming combs for 25 precise settings. For results that are even, exact, reliable and repeatable.

Precision comb

1 - 10 mm with 0.5mm steps

Long beard comb

10 - 20 mm with 2mm steps

Slide&Style system

Slide&Style system. Style with the comb on.

The unique Slide&Style system lets you style your beard with a simple slide even when the comb is on.

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

Dual battery system. Powerful performance, cordless or corded.

For consistent results even in tough conditions, the dual battery system keeps trimming power constant. A full charge takes 1 hour and gives you 40 min. of cordless performance. A 5 min. quick charge is enough for 1 trim.

Fully washable

Fully washable.

The Braun beard trimmer is fully washable for easy cleaning under running water.


An LED light warns of low battery and informs about charging status.

Charging LED.

An LED light warns of low battery and informs about charging status.

Charging stand.

The stand makes charging convenient and keeps the Braun beard trimmer always ready to perform.

Auto voltage

Adjusts voltage automatically.

The Braun beard trimmer automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V. It works in practically every country on this planet.

Protective travel case

For convenient transportation.

Soft pouch



What's in the box

  • Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Braun beard trimmer BT5070

  • Beard trimming comb for Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Beard trimming comb

  • Hair clipping comb for Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Hair clipping comb

  • Appliance oil for Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Appliance oil

  • Cleaning brush for Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Cleaning brush

  • Smart plug for Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Smart plug

  • Soft Pouch for Braun beard trimmer BT5070

    Travel pouch

Ratings and Reviews

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4.63/5 (49)
100% recommended


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20 July, 2016

Excellent trimmer!!

I had tried many trimmers including best rated philips norelco trimmers.None of them had the perfect combination precision, high length range, elegance and quality.This one has got all of them.Brilliant length adjustment mechanism.5 stars!!!!!!

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Durand, MI
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14 March, 2016

Braun beard trimmer FOLLOW UP

It's been A few weeks since I reviewed the Braun beard trimmer. After continued use I am still very happy with this product as it has outperformed my other beard trimmers. A perfect trim every time, and yes I have even used it in the shower. It's perfect. Look if its tough enough for the NFL then it's tough enough for me. Thanks to Braun for sending me this fantastic trimmer for free. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Ottawa, IL
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10 March, 2016

Braun Beard Trimmer 5070 is AWESOME!

I think that the Brain Beard Trimmer 5070 is a great electric beard shaver! The box is attractive and it is very easy to use. I love the different settings, and the precision trimmer is excellent. I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and it is still trimming great every time.My face feels very good after each trim as well. I have had razors in the past that have left my face feeling razor burnt and rough. Not the Braun though, this thing is awesome.I love that this is a cordless trimmer as well. It came fully charged out of the box and it doesn't take much time at all to charge. It also holds it's charge for multiple trims as well.The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they could have packaged a better case to store it in.Other than that, this is one of the best beard trimmers on the market. I'm thrilled that BzzAgent and Braun let me try this beard trimmer out. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Williamsburg, OH
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19 February, 2016

Great short beard trimmer

After trying out the Braun BT5070 beard trimmer I'm very impressed with its performance. I spend a lot of time getting my beard perfectly trimmed so I need something that can last and do a good job. This is a simple trimmer that has a couple versatile attachments. I started out using the long beard comb to get a feel for how close I needed to get and then tried out the precision comb. The long comb worked really well at getting all of my long hairs even so I could really start sculpting it the way I wanted. I had a problem with my old trimmer not cutting evenly and leaving a lot of split hairs. The Braun trimmer did not leave any rough or split hairs. I was also impressed with the battery life, which did not run out or lose trimming power through my whole beard trim plus a few touch ups throughout the week. It also helps that it has a quick charge feature and works while plugged in. I had to wait for my old trimmer to charge for about an hour to get any use out of it which was very frustrating.One thing that I had an issue with was that the detail trimmer would catch some hairs while I wasn't using that feature. This was mostly due to the fact that I had to get used to it being there. It's actually a helpful feature for getting small areas like my goatee.Overall the Braun beard trimmer is a very solid product. It trims very precisely and doesn't leave split hairs, has a great battery life, and has a couple helpful features such as the detail trimmer and being fully washable. I received this product free from Braun for my honest review and I'm very happy to have gotten the chance to test it out. I would recommend anyone looking for a great beard trimmer to try this one out, you will not be disappointed! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Manchester, PA
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29 March, 2016

Versatile Trimmer

I was apprehensive at first in using this trimmer because others that I have owned in the past had a tendency to yank out hairs and as any guy knows, that is not necessarily a pleasant feeling. So as you might imagine I wanted to know if this product would do the same. However, when I started to use the trimmers, I noticed that not once did it pull on my beard or feel uncomfortable. For this alone I was happy right from the start. In addition, the product comes with a couple different sizing attachments but the best one I found was the micro adjustment attachment where you can dial in on the exact length you are looking for. I also able to use the product to cut my hair because why not? I achieved the same great experience and comfort when used to trim my beard and I was able to achieve the hair cut I was looking for as if I had paid the barber to do it – and I have no experience cutting hair. In addition, it has an on-board micro trimmer that can be used for getting those straggler hairs and for edging. Overall, a great product that met all my expectations and allowed me to achieve the exact style I was looking for. I received this product free from Braun. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Nederland, TX
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18 February, 2016

Braun Beard Trimmer - Sweet!

Prior to receiving the product my normal trimmer is a plug in brand with a couple of different size guards to choose length of cut. So if you can eliminate cords and having multiple guards I am in for the test. I've been waiting to trim the mustache for a couple of weeks to get a good test run. So I enjoy that you are able to use the portable trimmer while it's charging and has a long enough cord to maneuver while your in action. The adjuster scroll on the back side it great so no need for lost guards or wondering what size you used last so I don't cut it too short. I used the 6 selector and locked it to make sure it didn't move on me. Cut was accurate and no issue's with uneven stache at the end. I also removed the selector guard and used the more accurate straight cut blade to edge the mustache, nice that you have 2 options to go with the larger blade or the shorter width blade to get a precise cut. Overall I would highly recommend this for ease of use and portability. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Radford, VA
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09 March, 2016

Great Beard Trimmer

I was very excited to receive this product for review (from Braun) and purposefully grew my beard out a bit longer than usual to get the "full" beard trimming experience. As long as you don't expect it to replace your razor or hair cutter, my conclusion in the end was that this product does what it is advertised to do extremely well.The Braun Beard Trimmer 5070 arrived well packaged and the quality of the tool lives up to the Braun reputation. It feels solidly built and the precision dial is absolutely awesome. The addition of a smaller sized trimmer blade is a great addition, however it took me several passes to get a beard trim that I was comfortable with... and in the end, just used my razor to get the close shave at the edges of the beard.In addition to trimming your beard, you could cut your hair with it as well, the bigger set of guards does give you more length options (I think the longest would be equivalent to a size 3 clip). Changing the guards is really easy, and having the entire thing be wireless does help when I want to trim the sides of my hair (as opposed to getting a corded cutter out).Improvements to this tool: The bulk and size of the tool is great, it feels hefty and well made, but this is a drawback as well. At times I felt that a smaller sized one would have been perfect. The small trimmer included in the front is a thoughtful addition, but I still needed a razor to get a closer cut. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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cosby, TN
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20 February, 2016

Im in love

I can't get enough of this trimmer. Braun has really outdone it with this one. I get an amazingly smooth shave when I want it or I can just even out my beard if I don't want to shave. I love this trimmer so much that I even used it to shave my head. I'm excited to be a part of this campaign and will be using Braun from now on. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Pittsburgh, PA
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17 March, 2016

Braun beard trimmer 5070

I think it's one of the best trimmers I have used. The body contours easily to the face without pulling. It also worked well to trim neck line. Clean up was a breeze. The battery charge was great. The shape makes contouring and styling easy. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Your Location:
Sun Prairie, WI
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19 February, 2016

Versatile Beard Trimmer great for detail work, beard and head shaving

I received this product free from Braun in exchange for my honest review after testing it.So I’ve had this trimmer for just over 2 weeks and have used it about 11 times within that span.I have tried to put it through its paces by not only shaving my son’s head but also my own. My son started with longer hair, myself with shorter. I also used the trimmer to shape my own beard, trim my mustache and even out the sides of my beard all with exceptional results.The first thing I noticed was that this trimmer cuts very evenly. I didn't have to perform a second pass over an area in most cases. The trimmer has tons of adjustment between the small detail cutting head, the normal wide head, the beard attachment as well as the hair attachment. This can completely remove the need for a separate hair trimmer for personal or family use. I trimmed my entire head easily and in half the time of my normal wired clipper I've been using for the past 15 years. The cordless maneuverability was great and it felt light and nimble in my hands but not cheap. The power button isn't placed in an area that you can accidentally turn if off either which is a huge plus to me. I personally keep the hair on my head short and so I actually ended up using the beard trimmer for my head and LOVED the locking feature. You can dial in to a completely precise length and lock it in without fear of it moving around. I ended up using the hair trimming head for cutting most of my beard. I say most because if you like to keep a long beard, and by long I mean anything longer than 20mm in length, this probably wont be a good fit for you.Cleanup was a snap, I used the provided brush to clean out the head after every few minutes but it was very easy to remove the beard trimming head, give it a quick brush, snap it back on and continue to trim. When I was all done, I popped the trimming head open, ran it under water and left it open to dry… quick and easy. This is such a nice feature.The battery lasted steady and powerful the entire time cutting my head and beard back to back lasting over 38 mins. The manual says the battery will last for 40 mins on a charge where in other locations I have seen it advertised as 50. Nonetheless, I haven't had it die on my once or even weaken in cutting strength. I also very much appreciate the quick charge you can perform in case you need to trim a few spots quickly but haven't charged the battery.All in all, if I were to lose this today would I go out tomorrow and buy one?The answer is YES. Moving from a corded trimmer to a cordless trimmer with a lower profile is a dream. I can finally trim my mustache to an exact length without the trimmer comb hitting my nose. I use it to trim most of my beard and even my head. This low profile trimmer is versatile and nimble.Pros: cordless, long runtime, very even cutting blade, very sharp blade, lots of versatility with lengths, nice lockout feature for no accidents, easy to clean with brush or water, quick charge ability, can also be used as a hair clipperCons: non-user replaceable batteries, no set adjustment longer than 20mm, no charging stand [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]