The basics of body grooming

Body grooming for beginners

From Australia to Zimbabwe, men’s grooming is now more involved – and intimate - than ever with the growing appeal of body hair trimming, shaving and shaping. No longer just for professional swimmers and cyclists, guys worldwide are seeing – and feeling – the benefits of fresh feeling, visually appealing bodies.

Going bald as a billiard ball all over’s not for everyone, but a tidy trim of that manly chest or groin area shows you care about your whole body appearance, even the parts not usually revealed to the world. And with the Braun body groomer, customized body grooming is a breeze, whatever you choose to trim.

With the Body groomer offering three-way functionality, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you’re tidying chest hair or cleanly shaving armpits, simply pick the method of hair removal that best suits you and groom your irresistible style anywhere below the neckline.


Rather than going completely bare, many guys prefer a subtle trim, cutting overgrown or unruly hairs down to size, instead of removing them completely. As well as requiring less maintenance, this approach is a good choice if you want to avoid the risk of skin irritation.

Step 1: Make sure your hair is dry before getting down to business as wet hair tends to stick to the body making it a nightmare to trim

Step 2: Choose the comb length you’re most comfortable with, and always pull your skin taut before trimming

Step 3: Trim in the opposite direction to your hair’s growth, to give the comb the best chance of feeding hairs into the cutting blades

Step 4: Don’t forget to re-trim your style every now and then to keep it looking neat and tidy!

Trimming & Shaving

Step 1: Start by trimming your dry body hair to a short length. This makes it easier for you to clean-shave later as the trimmer pre-cuts the hairs short before the shaver finishes the job.
Step 2: Apply a good shaving cream, pull your skin taut and remove the hair with gentle strokes. A quick shower will help soften the hair for removal – if you’re shaving clean, it doesn’t matter if your hair is wet.

Step 3: After shaving, pat your skin dry and apply a moisturizing lotion to avoid skin irritation. This will leave your skin smooth and clean, with the perfect look for gym, beach or bedroom.

Finally, whichever method you choose, don’t forget to rinse the trimmer when you’re done.

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