Braun Series 3 °CoolTec
World's first shaver with active cooling technology.

Braun Series 3 °CoolTec shavers

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Cools your skin. Reduces skin irritation.


Clinically proven to reduce signs of skin irritation.

Conventional shavers allow heat to build up in the shaver head. Braun °CoolTec has a Thermo Electric Cooling element (TEC) between the shaving foils. Without any gels or lotions, it cools down the skin while shaving and leaves a lingering feeling of cool refreshment. Clinical tests have shown a significant reduction in shaving induced skin irritations like redness, burning and itching sensations.

Adaptable Three Stage Cutting System
with Thermo Electric Cooling.

An integrated Electro Ceramic Cooling element that turns electric power into cool sensation. Surrounded by a trimmer and two SensoBlades. A state of the art Braun shave. Just a lot cooler.

2x SensoFoil

2x SensoFoil

For perfect closeness and skin comfort.

Middle trimmer

Cuts difficult hair.

Powerful Li-Ion battery for maximum performance.

A 1 hour charge gives you 45 minutes of shaving performance. Total duration depends on amount of active cooling used. 5-minutes Quick Charge for one shave. LED display for battery status, cleaning indication and travel lock indicator.

100% waterproof.

Rinse under running water.

The Braun Series 3 °CoolTec is IPX7 certified - it could be submerged in 5 meter deep water without a problem. Which means you can comfortably rinse it under running water for easy cleaning.

Use in the shower.

The Braun Series 3 °CoolTec is specifically designed to be safe to use in the shower for maximum flexibility.¹

Adaptable 3 stage cutting system.

Independently moving cutting elements adapt to every facial contour and guarantee a smooth shaving experience.

Feels as good in your hand as it does on your skin.

Rubberized grip zone

The rubberized grip zone features the signature Braun dot pattern for perfect hold even in wet conditions.

Precision trimmer

Skin friendly precision trimmer easily slides out of the back of the shaver for most accurate moustache and sideburn shaping.

Clean&Charge Station.

3 action alcohol-based station. Removes 99.9 % of germs.
World's only 3-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station. Hygienically cleans, charges and lubricates at the touch of a button. The alcohol cleaning fluid removes 99.999% of germs. Using the Clean&Charge Station is 10x more hygienic than just using running water².

Hygenically cleaning

1. Hygienically cleaning

2. Automatic Charging

3. High Performance Lubrification

Quality designed, engineered, tested and made in Germany.

What’s in the box

¹ Braun °CoolTec Wet&Dry shavers can be used in the shower. For safety reasons they only work cordless.
² Available with selected models only.