Foil vs. Foil shaver

What makes our shavers better?

German quality.
Two middle trimmers cut more hair in one stroke.1
Sonic vibrations
improves glide for a smoother, gentler shave.
OptiFoil with 899 uniquely shaped holes, catches every type of hair and protects the skin.
Discover the range.
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Voted “Best in Electric”
in GQ’s 50 Best Grooming Products.

Series 9.

World’s most efficient shaver.2
Exceptionally gentle.

Series 7.

The smart shaver. Reads
and adapts to your beard.

Series 5.

Maximum performance
& excellent skin comfort.

Series 3.

Close shave,
smooth skin.
1Available on Series 9
2Tested on 3 day beard, vs. leading premium tier products. More information on