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Take your first look
to the next level
with Braun

Discover the many ways to nail your look.
First time shaving or styling? Explore your style options
with the Braun shaving and styling products.

Be shave ready

The Braun Series 3 shavers

Make your first shave a
sensitive shave

Remove every hair with just one stroke.
An extra close, long lasting shave with less
skin irritation.

Hit that snooze
button again

When you are ready to try something new the
Braun Series 3 shaver with MicroComb
technology is perfect for a fast shave even
with a 3-day beard.

Quick shower

The Wet&Dry models are 100% waterproof.
So you can shower and shave at the same
time or use with foam or gel and rinse under
running water.

Watch how to get your
smoothest shave with the Braun S3

Minimal or patchy facial hair means you can embrace
different styles

We aren’t all blessed with (and we don’t all want) a full
beard, so it’s working out how to make the best of your
facial hair. If it’s patchy, stick to mid length stubble and
opt for different grades for the neck area to highlight
the jaw line.

Perfect handling in all conditions

Rubberised grip-zone

Great skin comfort

Precision even in tricky areas

The Braun Shaving Range

Stay in control of your shave with speed and comfort

Be style ready

The Braun 9 in 1
Head to Toe
Trimming Kit

Ultimate control

Personalize and perfect
your style every time

The Braun Head to Toe Kit has the right tools
to help you find your look.

Stubble Look
Short Beards
Long Beards
Precision Trimming
Contour edging
Nose & Ear Trimming
Hair Clipping
Body Grooming
Clean Shaving
with free Gillette razor

Trim your way to perfection

If we had a magic wand (or believed in miracles), we’d all
have perfect facial hair. The reality is that your beard will
grow at different rates and thicknesses at different parts
of your face, so if you want an even three-day beard, trim
those parts of your beard that grow more densely than
others – such as the sides and upper lip – and leave your
beard to grow a little longer on places that aren’t as

The Braun Multi-Grooming Range

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