Efficient in one stroke Precise and gentle on skin.10 reasons to choose a Braun foil shaver.

10 Reasons to choose a braun foil shaver

Efficient in one stroke.

Braun foil shavers have up to 210¹ cutting edges that enable an efficient one stroke shave

Efficient in one stroke

Gentle on skin. Recommended by dermatologists.²

Ultra-thin foil with the optimal distribution of small holes catches every type of hair while protecting skin from the blades.

Gentle on skin

Fit into the smallest areas. Like under the nose.

The full shaving power of Braun foil shavers are built into a smaller head, making it easy to reach difficult areas.

Fit into the smallest areas

Wide active shaving area. Fast shaving.

Braun foil shavers are designed with an optimised shaving area for maximum beard cutting in each stroke.

Fast Shaving

A combination of advanced specialised tools deliver a perfect shave.

The flexible elements within a Braun foil shaver head are designed to capture and cut different hair types and lengths, so none are missed.

A perfect shave

Close and effective, even in problem areas like your neck.

Flexible shaving heads adapt to every facial contour for maximum skin contact.

Close and effective

Simple, straight strokes for familiar easy control.

Braun’s linear shaving system is designed for intuitive and natural downward movements.

Easy Control

Maximum precision and control.

The straight edges of the Braun cutting system give you full control over your sideburns and beard edges.

Maximum precision

Clean & Charge Station removes 99.9% of germs.

Only Braun Clean & Charge Stations contain alcoholic cleaning fluid for to clean, lubricate, charge and refresh your shaver.

Removes 99% of germs
German Engineering

Built to last. German engineering.

Braun foil shavers are designed to last up to 7 years.

German Engineering

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