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Fascinating design.

Made in Germany.

For Braun, good design is so much more than what meets the eye. Every detail matters and forms a perfect fusion of form and function to create the best shaving experience for many years in use.

Intelligent Sonic Technology

Intelligent Sonic Technology

with 10,000 microvibrations per minute.


How to take care of your skin.

The world of electric shaving, beard styling and body grooming

Braun Face

Braun Face

Discover the world’s first facial epilator & cleansing brush system.

Multi grooming kit

9-in-1 head-to-toe trimming kit

Beard Trimmer BT3040
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From 99,99$

Electric shavers gentleness

Five unique shaving elements. Each specialized for different type of hair. Don’t miss flat lying hair or hair growing in different directions. Fewer strokes mean more skin comfort. Titanium coating. As beautiful as gold yet much harder. Remarkable sturdiness and corrosion resistance.

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Precise facial epilation and pore deep cleansing.

Braun Face lets you enjoy two treatments with one device - simply switch attachments. Precisely remove facial hair by the root with the facial epilator and cleanse skin pore deep with the facial brush.

Silk-épil 5 - 5380 Legs and Body Epilator

3-day beard is more your style?

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Silk-épil 5 Power

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Non-stop power for non-stop smooth skin.

20-Tweezer System

Works by:

Chemically dissolving the hair at the surface of the skin. Once applied, the cream is left on the skin for up to 10 minutes then removed by gently rubbing away at the hair.

Best for:

Upper lip, bikini area and underarms


Pain-free, inexpensive.


Can sometimes be messy and difficult to apply. Traditionally, products have had an unpleasant smell, though some are better than others. Skin irritation can be a problem, too, so it’s best to do a patch test 24 hours before you want to apply.

Beauty rating:

Best for small areas like face and underarms

Dermatologist’s note:

“If you have sensitive skin, depilatory creams may not be the most appropriate option, because the chemicals contained in them can cause both irritant and allergic reactions. Always carry out a patch test, ideally on the inside of the arm and better still on two separate occasions, before using it on an entire leg or face.”

Multi grooming kit

9-in-1 head-to-toe trimming kit

Beard Trimmer BT3040
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From 99,99$

Automatic voltage adaptation

Automatic voltage adaptation

What's in the box

High performance bristles

High performance bristles Thanks to their unique triangular shape, the new high performance bristles deliver even better exfoliation.

Cup-shape design

Cup-shape design The unique combination of different filament lengths and the cup design helps your favorite cosmetic (scrub, gel, etc.) stay in place.

Skinspa deep exfoliation brush

Sonic exfoliation Thoroughly exfoliates skin with 3000 micro-vibrations per minute



Comfortably use in bath or shower, easily clean under running water.

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PG EveryDay

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PG EveryDay

What is the difference between foil & cutter, cassettes, and foil only products?

In general when we talk about high performance parts we talk about the shaver foil and the cutting block. Both parts work together and are subject to wear out. Braun always recommends changing both foil and cutter block to get back 100% performance. The only exception would be in rare cases when you want to exchange just your foil because it has been broken or damaged. Some of our new shaver lines already have cassettes, where the foil and cutter block are integrated into one piece. This ensures that both parts always work perfectly together.

How can I find out which foil and cutter block fit my shaver?

Please have a look in the high performance part finder above. Select your shaver by recognizing it from the picture or its name and then click on it to see the corresponding high performance part. In case this doesn’t work because of a slower internet connection, please click on the overview or download the high performance parts model finder as a pdf. If you can’t find your shaver it might be because we only show the most popular ones from the last years. You can still go to our Braun service website where you can find model numbers for older shavers.

FAQ Title How long will a foil and cutter block last

These are precision parts that, in time, are subject to wear. This wear is dependent on your shaving method and beard type. The foils should be inspected visually for nicks, dents and wear patterns before each use. The cutter blocks are not self sharpening and will wear out over time. To maintain optimal shaving performance you should replace these parts when worn. Generally, with good cleaning habits and an average shaving frequency, Braun recommends changing foil and cutter block every 18 months.

Braun Silk-épil 5 Power epilator
Non-stop power for non-stop smoothness.

Braun Silk-épil 5 Power epilators

8x faster Quick Charge¹. 5 mins charging is enough for 1 shave.

Fully charged battery in under 1 hour, for 30 mins of shaving time. LED display for low charge or battery status.

Fully charged battery in under 1 hour
braun replacement parts series 9

Replacements parts for Series 9

Braun Series 9 Combi 92s Cassette Replacement pack

92S Cassette

colour: silver

Replacement parts for Series 3, cruZer Clean Shave

32S Cassette

Colour: silver

32B Cassette

Colour: black