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Satin Hair 3 HD330 dryer with diffusor and professional style nozzle.

(541)4.65 / 596% recommended

raun Satin Hair 3 dryer. With optimum heat distribution, anti overheating, and anti hair breakage features.


The light weight and perfect balance of the Braun Satin Hair 3 dryer give you full styling freedom.


Even heat distribution

Even heat distribution

Prevents dry out and ensures fast drying.

Professional nozzle

Professional nozzle

The professional nozzle is especially slim and focusses the air even more for unprecedented styling precision and stylist-like results.

Professional diffusor

The professional diffusor keeps the heat inside so it can permeate the hair deeper for defined curls and volume on top salon level.


Cold shot

Locks the style.

3 temperature / airflow combinations

For maximum drying & styling flexibility

Removable mesh filter

Special removable filter mesh

For easy cleaning & protection from hair breakage.




Unique dryer design with 20º angle

Prevents filter blockage to avoid overheating.

Hanging loop

Hanging loop

For easy storage

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Your Location:cairo

23 Aug, 2018

its amazing one

its all amazing and i wanted to get a new one,,, but i am not sure this one is golden coulour or the white transparent one ?

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Northumberland

9 July, 2018

Best one i have used in years!

Easy to use, been using it both wet and dry and every time works a treat, this has to be the best epliator i have used in years.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:featuresfeatures

14 Dec, 2017



Yes, I recommend this product !

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She she lou

Your Location:Kenner Louisiana

13 July, 2017

this is the best friend a lady ever had…

this is the best friend a lady ever had… I am been using one of the original models for at least 25 years and still love it! Mine has a cord and can only be used dry. I'm upgrading to the top of the line 9 with all the accessories and can't wait! The most important fact I'd like pass on is that there's only a little pain at first no one no more then tweezing your eyebrows, after several times of use it hardly is noticeable other than letting you know you just got some hair removed! I have recommended it to all my friends throughout the years…

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Elin 2006

Your Location:Sweden

8 Nov, 2017

Not worth the money

I was very curious about this Product because it has everything I lokked for - but I became very disappointed. I have quite thin hairs on my legs and this machine can barely can pull them at all! I have to sit for at least 45min per leg to get rid of everything - against 10min / leg with my former epilator Philips. I have to run the machine over the same area several times for the hair to disappear. The storage bag that's supposed to have everything in is not big enough for all accessories, the machine plus charger. So in end all the things is being scattered anyway. However, a big plus for the lamp that greatly facilitates

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